Kotar steel shot preserves its lifetime for a long period inside the machine without being broken thanks to its bainitic microstructure. Having a higer level of hardness, Kotar cleans the surface faster than competitor products. Especially when the parts needed to be treated are not simple shaped and have multiple edges, steel shot within the range of standards are not likely to clean every inch of metal surface. However, sieve distribution of each Kotar size is decided carefully to ensure best surface coverage which bring required surface quality in a short blasting period.

    Another smart feature of Kotar is that the operation mix needed to cycle is already in hand before put inside the machine and it is being kept same during the entire operation. Biggest advantage as a result for our clients is that surface quality will always be consistent.


  • In our test center, we tested Kotar steel shot against top-tier high carbon products of globally recognized steel shot producers. Above charts show sieve distributions of both products prior and after 24-hour operation without addition of new material. You can observe that Kotar steel shot is maintaining its size almost fully in parallel to its initial sieve distribution whereas High Carbon material (S660) is getting smaller significantly thus loosing its energy inside the machine which in turn means lost capacity needed to finish the job.   

    Kotar sizes are prepared considering every possible surface treatment requirement of clients. We are also capable of offering special Kotar mixes for unique processes.

    KOTAR 40


    0,30 - 0,71 mm

    KOTAR 41


    0,50 - 0,85 mm

    KOTAR 42


    0,50 - 1,00 mm

    KOTAR 43


    0,71 - 1,18 mm

    KOTAR 44


    0,85 - 1,40 mm

    KOTAR 45


    1,00 - 1,70 mm

    KOTAR 46


    1,18 - 2,00 mm

    KOTAR 47


    1,40 - 2,36 mm

    KOTAR 48


    2,00 - 2,80 mm