• We are always giving technical assisting to our clients even at the installment process of their new machine as well as in the selection of steel shot best suitable to their machine and parts needed to be treated. 

    We perform process analysis by evaluating surface of the parts shotblasted prior and after the shotblasting. We conduct comparative tests between our product and competitor’s product in order to show that our material is performing better than the previous material.

    We are organizing seminars to increase shotblasting productivity of clients.

    We have partners throughout the world each is very seasoned in surface treatment. In case needed we are capable of offering every possible technical support, information and equipment.


  • It is important that operation mix always maintains the initial sieve distribution. Operation mix should be observed regularly to check if initial sieve distribution was maintained. Kotar Test Kit serves for  that purpose enabling clients to check easily the operation mix inside their machine.

    Please click to read Kotar Test Kit Guide.